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Our Services

If you want to spend your time dining, dancing and catching up with old friends, instead of being burdened with details, let Creative Reunions do the work while YOU get the credit!

Our Services Include:
  • Taking responsibility for deposits, negotiating with vendors, and hotel services
  • A Professional DJ who will emcee if needed (with reunion attendance over 100)
  • A Professional Photographer to take portraits and candid shots of attendees
  • A Biographical Memory Book - filled with pictures and information about your classmates and given to each alumni the night of the reunion
  • A Traditional Memory Book - a book of portrait and candid photos from that evening, along with their names and addresses (sold at an additional cost)
  • Photo Name Badges
  • Reduced Room Rates at the Hotel (if reunion is held at a hotel)
  • Locating and contacting classmates
    (To locate classmates we use a specialized locater services; Class Quest for the bulk search and Alumni Finder for the individual search. These companies both purchase information from major credit reporting agencies, property taxes, nationwide white pages, social security death records and the United States Postal Service.
  • Designing, printing and mailing personalized reunion Invitations, a Newsletter with missing classmates listed, Reminder Postcards and a Traditional Memory Book (if applicable) per attending classmate.
  • Centerpiece decorations at the Reunion, chosen by the committee. There are several options including fresh flowers, floating candles, balloons and hurricane lamps.
  • Staffing at the reunion and if needed help with the set-up of the memorabilia table, and assist with door prizes and awards.
  • The Reunion ticket price is calculated according to the class size, anticipated attendance, Location fees and Menu selection.

Let us do all the work while you enjoy your reunion!

For information on how to plan your "hassle-free" reunion, give us a call at 310-514-0111 and we'll be happy to assist you!

Following are examples of the personalized:

These are the items that make up the registration and information package that will be sent to each classmate we have located.

Creative Reunions is the ONLY class reunion company that makes invitations personalized to each individual reunion.

We take pride in your school!